Månad: januari 2021

Me at Jabber/XMPP – narkoman@jabb.im

click on link 🔗 below xmpp:narkoman@jabb.im?omemo-sid-483408114=5193c0a4ca4aa575799b3e6b4849587a12bb2609a7b7f80f8d27b6d03bc6d519 Register your own account at jabb.im – yax.im – xabber.org. Doesn’t matter where you register, everything runs on the same plåt orm either way. Here are some clients for Android that I can recommend for Android: XMPPJabberClient Yaxim Bruno Xabber Official site for jabber is https://jabber.at Jabber is the …

Me at Jabber/XMPP – narkoman@jabb.im Läs mer »

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