Free Spotify Premium | _NO_ Ads – No bogus

Yes, exactly as the topic says you can get Spotify Premium for life without any Subscription or ad in either app or Spotify itself!

You’ll find more information at

such as proof via mobile screen record ⏺ when I’m using the App with full premium functionality but Spotify still says
Free version – upgrade to Premium”. That’s bescuse it’s a totally legit but modified version of Spotify. You can still use your same login and your playlists and all will be there. Full premium – no costs!

Me myself has been using this modified APK-file for about 2.5 years now, on various different smart phones.

It workes on every android version starting from 2.*-11(Latest)

Go to to get this free version of Spotify Premium. You can also just send an email 📧 to <>



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